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When you are just starting out in your home staging career, it is a very exciting time. It can also feel overwhelming. 

You are not sure what to do. You don't know what you don't know, and what you don't know can cost you dearly. 

Once you've gotten your staging business off the ground, a whole new set of challenges emerge. Things can feel overwhelming very quickly again.

We are here to help you strategize and simplify the process of starting and building your home staging business, while helping you set a strong foundation.

This way, you can go on and build a vibrant, thriving and long-lasting home staging business.

Staged4more is a Modern School of Home Staging that provides modern, up-to-date, practical and no-fluff home staging education.

We are here to help and support passionate home stagers like you to learn, grow and build a more sustainable and profitable home staging business.

We are committed to do what’s right by our community first. We are impact-driven and community-focused.

We are here to build a diverse and inclusive international community that celebrates and promotes home staging.

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Welcome to our new course platform + online community!

The access to our old course platform has now closed. The lease has expired and we've moved everything out. 

We had sent out emails for individual course access. Each course has an unique link, so if you are enrolled in multiple courses, you will receive multiple emails. 

If you didn't receive any emails, please check your junk mail folder first. If there is nothing there, please let us know right away!

Inside your email, there is a unique enrollment link for you to join our new course platform. 

Here is a video walkthrough/tutorial here:

Your enrollment link will:

✅ invite you to join us in the free Community Lounge first (by Choosing the Free Membership Plan when you scroll to the bottom of this page). 

✅ This will set up your access to the school's public Community Lounge. 

✅ Then the system will take you to access your private course classroom. You have to click "Access" to confirm.

If you have issues logging in, please contact [email protected] and we will sort it out as soon as we can.

Let's help each other grow.

This is our free online community for you to interact with like-minded stagers from around the world.  

When you join our free community (👇 below), you are invited to hang out in our public + virtual Community Lounge. 

Here, you can meet fellow like-minded stagers who want to build better, vibrant and thriving home staging businesses.

Think of it as our front of the house lounge / living room, where you can interact with one another freely. This community space is for any stagers. It is a public space for both of our students and non-students.

For those of you who already joined one of our courses, you will also have access to your private classroom(s) under "Courses" on your menu bar on the left hand side.