Ready to build a thriving & vibrant home staging business?

Introducing the 6-Figure Floor Plan Mastermind Program


Does This Sound Like You?

"I can't seem to be able to get enough clients to stage homes, and I'm not sure what I am doing wrong."

"I have been in business for 1 year and I still haven’t gotten any clients. I have been doing staging for friends and family for very cheap. I have a website, I bought fliers, business cards, and paid Yelp to help me improve my marketing strategies, and still no client."

"I really just don’t know how to market to the realtor. I think I am a little intimidated by them. I always think they are too busy to entertain what I have to offer."

"I am struggling with what direction(s) I should focus on and how I can start to network and create my client base? Website? Business name? How do I start to create my portfolio? Budget?!"

"My pipeline has just dried up. I know the business tends to slow down this time of year but there is absolutely nothing coming in. I'm frustrated."


By the way, I am Cindy Lin.

I ran an award-winning, 6-figure home staging business with a 5,800 square foot warehouse in the San Francisco Bay Area for 10+ years before I fully transitioned Staged4more over to an international online school of home staging.

You may have also heard of me from my podcast The Home Staging Show, the longest running podcast on iTunes that is dedicated to all things home staging.

I struggled early on in building my own home staging business. I wasn't getting enough clients to make ends meet. I struggled with finding the right clients that treated me as a partner, not as a hired help.

I learned how to build a 6-figure home staging business the HARD way. I felt embarrassed, ashamed and alone. YOU DON'T HAVE TO. 

I want you to think of the 6-Figure Floor Plan Mastermind Program as your GPS where you will learn the proven and tested shortcuts and detours, so you can build your vibrant and thriving home staging business faster, with more profits.

Got the staging chops but missing the business savviness you need to run your home staging business? I GET IT.

Most of us get into home staging to STAGE HOUSES, not spending most of our days chasing after contracts, payments, following up with real estate agents who never call us back and going to a gazillion networking events trying to get the next big project.

It is SOUL-CRUSHING and sucking out all the joy and magic ✨out of our creative work.


I had the opportunity to work for New York Times Bestselling Author Michael E. Gerber of The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don't Work and What to Do About It.

I was able to travel with Michael and his team and met many 6-, 7- and 8-figure entrepreneurs. They all credited their successes to HAVING RELIABLE SYSTEMS THAT THEY CAN RINSE AND REPEAT.


This is the whole concept behind the 6-Figure Floor Plan course.

In the 6-Figure Floor Plan Mastermind Program

We will go step-by-step in setting up the key systems to help you build a thriving and vibrant home staging business.
I (and our guest mentors) will share our experiences and tried-and-true hacks to help you achieve your goals faster, saving you the grief and 💰💳💎.

Having reliable business systems is KEY if you want to build a thriving home staging business with long-term financial success.

Without building the right systems for your home staging business, you will not see the results you want from your marketing. Putting in more work and more hours pushing out the same lame results is not the answer. If you want your business to thrive over the long run, you MUST learn how to leverage your strengths and build the right systems, workflows and templates that you can use over and over again.

I know this because business systems had changed my business from barely booking to a 6-figure home staging business working with top selling real estate agents consistently.

Systems helped me consistently market and generate leads, even when I was busy staging. Systems helped me plug-the-money leaks in my business and saved me during the recession. Systems protected me from crazy clients who were emotional and self-sabotaging.

I see it with our students too! Over the last two years of teaching the 6-Figure Floor Plan Mastermind program, I have seen our students reaching their goals in building their home staging businesses over and over again.

We are in for the long haul with you. This is why 6-Figure Floor Plan is a 12-month mastermind program with monthly live coaching calls and a private course group that you can get support and ideas throughout the year.

Not only you will be benefited from the course content that are jam-packed with values, hacks and strategies, you will also get immense value and immediate feedback from our 12 monthly group coaching calls.

We are here to help you build your thriving and vibrant home staging business. ❤️


The 6-Figure Floor Plan Mastermind Program

The 12-month online mastermind program that takes the kinks & guesswork out of building your profitable home staging business.

6-Figure Floor Plan is an online training program that teaches practical and tested business strategies to home stagers who want to build a thriving and profitable home staging business.

Whether you’re brand new to the business or have a few years under your belt, 6-Figure Floor Plan will push and challenge you to go to the next level.

Think of this course as a giant Q&A session. This course is designed to build and refine your business systems and strategies that take the kinks and guesswork out of creating a profitable, book-solid home staging business.

By the end of the 6-Figure Floor Plan Mastermind, you will...

  • Develop strategies that will help you book jobs on a continuous basis
  • Build profit margins into even the most impossible jobs
  • Know exactly what to do and say when clients say the darndest things
  • Set yourself apart in a crowded marketplace
  • Finish the course with systems that you can rely on, rinse and repeat
  • Get my workflows, systems, Rolodex, worksheets, tricks, and scripts that helped me build my 6-figure home staging business
  • The Core Curriculum

    The core course material consists of 7 modules of video, audio and written lessons, a total of almost 15 hours worth of content.

    PLUS! 166+ pages of worksheets to help you develop and refine the key systems, scripts, templates and workflows that will help you solidify your home staging business as you grow.

    Module 0 : Setting the Right Foundational Mindset for Your Business

    • Why having the right mindset will shift your business completely
    • Find your self-limiting beliefs
    • Dealing with the feeling of being overwhelmed
    • Masterclass: Your Inner Road to Business Success with Marianne Cherico ($99 Value)
    • 🎧 MP3 play time: 35 minutes
    • 📖 Estimated reading time: 13 minutes
    • 🖥 Total video play time: 56 minutes.

    Module 1: Rolling Out Your Floor Plan

    • Setting the foundation for your business
    • Designing a business that you have been dreaming about
    • Elements of a successful business model
    • How to stand out from the crowded marketplace
    • Unlocking the blocks that are stopping you from getting the money and success that you want
    • Critical systems you need to have a thriving and profitable business
    • 🖥 Total video play time: One hour 52 minutes.

    Module 2: Laying Down the Foundation

    • Attracting your ideal clients
    • Lead generation in real estate -- what type of leads you should be pursuing and how to attract new leads consistently
    • Expanding your sphere of influence in real estate, even if you are not comfortable with selling
    • How to consistently remind your clients to book you without coming off as "salesy" or annoying
    • Create a unique brand that stands out among your competitors
    • 📖 Estimated reading time: 5 minutes
    • 🖥 Total video play time: One hour 41 minutes.

    Module 3 : Getting Clients into the Door

    • Learn the thought process of real estate agents
    • The lead generation technique that gets you the highest ROI and how to do it
    • How to create a memorable brand online and in person
    • How to approach and talk to real estate agents without feeling like having a heart attack
    • Social media, blogging, and Search Engine Optimization
    • Don't forget your online curb appeal! Build a website that wows
    • Designing a client experience that keeps them coming back
    • Setting up your marketing system that generates you leads all the time
    • How a simple script can save you thousands of dollars
    • 🖥 Total video play time: Two hours 16 minutes.
    • 📖 Estimated reading time: 32 minutes

    Module 4 : Leak-Proof the House

    • You've booked the job! NOW WHAT?
    • Contract: The anatomy of a home staging service agreement
    • Our own agreement that has covered our *** over and over again
    • Invoicing + deposits + payment terms
    • How to nick 99% of client problems in the bud
    • Inventory: how to buy, what to buy, how to store, maintain & move them
    • A look at my 5,800 square foot warehouse
    • Designing a client experience that keeps them coming back
    • Get your hands on my workflow, templates, and scripts
    • 🖥 Total video play time: Two hours 57 minutes.
    • 📖 Estimated reading time: 25 minutes

    Module 5 : Putting the $ Sign On Your Work

    • The math you need to know to calculate your own paycheck
    • What secret messages your proposal is telling your clients
    • When clients say the darndest things and how to respond to create a win-win situation
    • Common money leaks, mistakes in pricing your work
    • How to put your profits first
    • 🖥 Total video play time: One hour 54 minutes.
    • 📖 Estimated reading time: 7 minutes

    Module 6 : Room for Expansion

    • Planning for growth
    • Hiring your first employee(s) and/or independent contractors
    • Our Hiring Process
    • How to buy wholesale
    • Building multiple revenue streams for your business
    • How to deal with slow seasons and economic downturns
    • Different ways to exit the business successfully
    • 🖥 Total video play time: 10 minutes.
    • 📖 Estimated reading time: 34 minutes

    🙌 Bonus Materials 🙌

    📚Suggested Reading & Listening

    📇Cindy's Rolodex

    📹Video demo: Creating Eye-Catching Graphics, Flyers and Documents with Canva

    📓Answer Vault, containing all the frequently asked questions by students and answers by Cindy and guest mentors

    🖋 Bonus Home Staging Presentation & Follow-Up Template (Value $49)

    ⚡️FIVE Bonus Masterclasses on social media, pricing, legal, mindset and luxury home staging (Total value $1,500)  🙌

    When You Completed the Course

    You can download a logo badge for your marketing materials and your website. You will also have a choice to receive a Certificate of Completion.

    Here is an example of Stacey’s, one of our students from the Mastermind program, for completing 25 hours of business training.


    You get immediate access to the 7-module course content once you enroll in 6-Figure Floor Plan.

    Every month, we will have a live group coaching calls with Cindy and/or coaching team members.

    Throughout the duration of this 12-month Mastermind and Mentorship program, you have full access to all the modules plus masterclasses.


    "6-Figure Floor Plan delivered information, education and SO many concrete examples of real staging tools."

    I was extremely reluctant to spend money or waste my time on another staging instruction course or book. What got me interested in Staged4More is that Cindy offered a course to grow my business.

    I already know how to Stage, but I needed a kick in the butt to take my business to the next level. I now feel confident that TWEAK will rocket up this year. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, your experience and your wicked sense of humor."

    SueAnn Heim
    TWEAK Staging and Redesign


    Choose The 6-Figure Floor Plan Mastermind Program That is Right for You

    Seven Six monthly payments of

    $575 USD

    • 7 modules of video lessons, warehouse tours plus 166 pages of worksheets
    • Certificate of completion and marketing logo

    One payment of

    $2,998 USD

    Save $452 with your one-time payment! 

    • 7 modules of video lessons, warehouse tours plus 166 pages of worksheets
    • Certificate of completion and marketing logo


    The core course materials:

    Almost 15 hours of content consisting of 7 modules of video, audio and written lessons, scripts, templates, and workflows filled with real life examples and scenarios that are tested by my 6-figure home staging business.


    ($5000 VALUE)

    12 Monthly LIVE Q&A Office Hour Calls:

    Bring us your challenges, burning questions and concerns and get them answered live in real time during our monthly group coaching calls*. These calls are recorded so you can catch up later if you cannot make them live. 

    *You will get access to the 7-module course content immediately after you sign up. 


    ($4,800 VALUE)

    166+ pages of worksheets:

    These fillable worksheets will help you hone in on your goals, design your marketing systems, help off-set client objections, help you to create your scripts, and more.


    ($99 VALUE)

    Access to Answer Vault:

    Containing all the frequently asked questions by students and answers by Cindy and guest mentors.


    ($399 VALUE)

    FIVE Masterclasses!

    You will have access to FIVE masterclasses, taught by experienced and sought-after home stagers and industry experts, covering topics in social media, pricing, legal entity and business structure, mindset, luxury home staging and building your home staging business.

    6-Figure Floor Plan home staging business training masterclasses


    ($1,500 VALUE)

    Access to our private course group:

    Our private course group is there to give you more support throughout the year. Your like-minded colleagues from around the world plus Cindy will be there to brainstorm with you and cheering you on. Hey, even Wonder Woman needs the Justice League!


    (PRICELESS! 🤝)

    Take the course on your own time in your very own 🐰slippers

    It's the 21st Century already, let's get on with the times and get out of those stuffy windowless hotel rooms!

    The beauty of a digital course is that you can access the course content anywhere in the world, as long as you have internet access. You can be sitting on the beach in Bali, having afternoon tea in London, sitting in a cafe in Paris having a chocolate croissant.

    No to mention digital courses are eco-friendly. There are no CDs, no bulky, ugly binders needed!

    Unlike the traditional home staging training, you don’t need to spend more $$$ to book a hotel room and flights to sit in a windowless hotel room for three days for your training.

    You can watch the videos, listen to MP3, do the worksheets in the comfort of your own home, on your own time, in a messy hair bun and your favorite yoga pants.


    (PRICELESS! 🐰)



    This summary shows you that it's critical for us that you get enormous value out of our 6-Figure Floor Plan program.

    You will not find another home staging training program on the market like this one. 

    All these perks and extras are all designed to help you get more support, knowledge and network to succeed. 👏

    What One of Our Students Got Out of the 6-Figure Floor Plan Mastermind Program  💯

    Donna of Lemon-Lime Home Design

    We will share with you what one of our students, Donna of Lemon-Lime Home Design had achieved by taking this course. 💪

    Donna had taken a different home-staging training course and received her certification a year before she found this program, and launched her business right after. She got a few jobs but knew she still had a lot of room for improvement. Here’s what she said about her business after completing the 6-Figure Floor Plan Mastermind course:

    With our help, Donna was able to

    • put together a confident, empowered presentation for a group of real estate investors

    • identify her financial and business needs to create pricing and policies she felt great about

    • avoided some costly shopping mistakes

    • began to create a social media presence online (something she’d struggled with in the past)

    • she also found a great insurance provider and the perfect lawyer for her needs!

    This course is designed to help you establish all of the necessary tools to build and grow your home staging business. Once you have completed the course, you can download a logo badge for your marketing materials and your website. You will also have a choice to receive a Certificate of Completion.


    Not having reliable and repeatable systems is the #1 business-killing mistake I see home stagers make.

    I get emails all the time from new and experienced stagers about their struggles in marketing, buying inventory, pricing, etc.

    Not having reliable systems is usually the common thread.

    Which is exactly why I want to help! I had struggled in building my home staging business. Once I figured out what I was doing wrong, I was able to pivot quickly to push my home staging business to $6-figure. If I can do it, YOU CAN TOO.

    I developed the 6-Figure Floor Plan Mastermind program to help you build your key systems and provide you with support as you progress in your journey, so that you can build the thriving and vibrant home staging business that you've been dreaming about.

    Live Office Hours + Private Course Group

    Get immediate feedback on your home staging business during the live office hours plus support from our private course group throughout the year

    Running your own home staging business can feel very lonely, making it easy to feel lost and unsure of yourself. This is why:

    ✔️We have monthly live Q&A group coaching calls to help clarify any burning questions to help you move forward with your home staging business.

    ✔️You get access to our Answer Vault so you will always have answers at your fingertips.

    ✔️You get support from your peers and Cindy throughout the year in our private course group.


    "I was able to prioritize the little money I have to spend on getting things going as wisely as possible."

    "My contract is much tighter."

    "I was able to create Methods and Order of Operations (inspired by many of your processes) to create efficiencies in my business."

    "SYSTEMS! I was constantly flying by the seat of my pants, but now I am far more systematized."

    "I have a better grasp on how to charge appropriately for my services and believe that I am worth it."

    "6-Figure Floor Plan helped me know what to do. I was overwhelmed and did not even know where to begin. This was a nice breakdown of the million things I needed to accomplish."

    ...all in less time than it takes to binge watching Friends and with definitely far better ROI!


    Choose The 6-Figure Floor Plan Mastermind Program That is Right for You

    Seven Six monthly payments of

    $575 USD

    • 7 modules of video lessons, warehouse tours plus 166 pages of worksheets
    • Certificate of completion and marketing logo

    One payment of

    $2,998 USD

    Save $452 with your one-time payment! 

    • 7 modules of video lessons, warehouse tours plus 166 pages of worksheets
    • Certificate of completion and marketing logo



    “I am overwhelmed in the BEST way possible with the amount of tangible content that Cindy teaches in her course."

    Her teaching style is so effective and she opens up a world of knowledge that is helping me outline my home staging business. From defining aspects of my business such as what type of clients I want to work and what type of services I want to focus on, as well as lead generating business and marketing, just to name a few!

    I am so grateful for the content that Cindy shares based on her own experiences in the business along with her successes and failures. I am excited to begin building my business and have the guidance and advice from such a successful and knowledgeable business woman!

    I have taken other staging classes through other certification schools and the knowledge I got from those classes seemed dated and did not even scratch the surface of what Cindy has brought to the table! Thank you SO much for sharing your knowledge and teaching your world to us Cindy!

    — Andrea Kaba Neff, Owner of Farm House Staging Co.

    Here is an exciting win from one of our mastermind program students!

    “I finally feel that I have figured things out."

    Now, after joining the mastermind program I feel invigorated! Community really does help from the support structure of others to the live office calls and being able to ask question when feeling confused.

    I finally feel that I have figured things out. I have since actively started to re-brand and network as a home stager vs. trying to hang on and be an organizer and it has helped me so much. I now feel like I can do this. I have achieved small milestones.

    I have done consultations and actual home occupied home staging jobs and found my true calling. The mastermind has truly helped me to overcome my self-doubt (it’s not gone) but I now have people to turn to and I’ve completed the course work in the time frame as I have had weekly accountability. I feel I am moving forward, slowly but surely, I’ve got a roadmap and know I can do this all thanks to Cindy!! 

    — Nadine McCoy, Organized Impressions Home Staging

    “It's worth the money."

    I needed systems and processes in place to avoid feeling overwhelmed and constantly reinventing the wheel. Now I feel that I have the information to get my systems in place. The office hours was the most valuable piece for me because my questions could be answered in "real" time.

    — Stacy Cohen, Kintsugi Home

    “I had finished another certification program and felt very frustrated."

    The instructor of the other certification program talked so dang much and got off track way to often. So I decided to try another class....yours. I gotta say I enjoyed it way more because first of all you crack me up! I love your bluntness ya know (the little bit of swearing that you do) me being from the east coast...I loved it. LOl!

    Your honesty and the time you give your students is so unbelievably appreciated!

    I love your heart in wanting us all to succeed. Honestly it's still a lot to take in especially for me not being tech savvy and the fact that I can't stand social media. But that's the times we live in. I loved my time on your course site and would/will absolutely recommend you. Cindy YOU are wonderful at this!!!! And from what I can tell your an amazing woman!! ETC, ETC..... always putting a smile on my face hearing you say that. Thanks for it all.

    — J.S.

    “This is not a class where you passively learn, but actively implement each lesson into a critical piece of setting up your business. "

    I absolutely loved taking Cindy’s course, 6 Figure Floor Plan!  It is the perfect course for anyone who wants to start a successful staging company. 

    Cindy walks you through the process of defining your business goals, exploring your personal style so that your business reflects who you are through its branding, website, and overall approach, and creating a solid foundation with clearly defined systems. 

    Additionally, one of the most valuable parts of learning from Cindy is that she openly shares all of the resources that she used to successfully run her business – that are often inexpensive or free! It is incredible! 

    She took the time to explore and test different apps, websites, support systems, and vendors to run her business, and she just hands you the link and shows you how to use them.  From my personal experience of trying to set up another business, this has saved me endless hours and wasted costs. I couldn’t be happier!

    — Elisha Ryan Niebuhr, Modern Interior Staging Company

    Think of This Course As A Home Staging Business in the Box

    I designed the 6-Figure Floor Plan to be the course that I wish existed when I was a new stager.

    I found the traditional home staging courses were a good start, but not enough once I got out in the real world. The concepts covered were too general and I didn’t have a strong foundation to run a successful business.

    I had my home staging certifications but I felt very uneasy taking on new clients. I struggled for a long time to truly build a home staging business I enjoyed.

    I had made SO many mistakes in my business life! Some were very costly, and some almost broke me. And they could’ve been avoided. While I regret nothing, I don’t want others to suffer like I did.

    This course is designed so that once you finish the course, you will have all of your necessary systems, workflow, scripts, templates, and resources to run and grow your home staging business. I shared all my experiences and hacks in this course, so you don’t need to reinvent the wheel.


    • know exactly what kind of clients you want and where to find them.
    • create marketing campaigns tailored to your ideal customers’ needs.
    • create a client experience that keeps clients coming back, so you don’t have to work as hard to get new clients. 
    • understand how to make money work in your business and what profitability means.
    • have a solid contract that acts like a bodyguard, like The Mountain in Game of Thrones.
    • feel more confident answering client questions and objections so that you hear more YES!
    • set up the framework for your marketing & operation systems, where you can rinse and repeat with ease.
    • know exactly what to say to clients when they say the darndest things.
    • have a clear understanding about your business model and goals. You also know how to handle inventory if you choose to have it.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We know that we will enroll more students by offering a certification. 

    But we don't believe in that business model.

    A certification is commonly used as a marketing tool for training schools. Plus, we feel that it doesn't make much sense to self-certify our own courses. That's like going to a restaurant where the waiter tells you everything on the menu is good. Kind of silly, right? 🤷🏻‍♀️

    We don't believe in renewal fees either. That's why all of our courses have lifetime access, even if we raise the course tuition or add more materials.

    There are also associations who want to charge $5-10k to certify our courses. We would rather focus on investing that money and energy toward building better content for our students.

    Plus, when was the last time you went into a restaurant and asked for the chef's certifications? Never, right?

    It's the same in home staging. Clients only care if you can deliver what you promise to deliver. They will only ask if you have liability insurance, worker's comp, and what would be the lowest price you can do the job for. They don't even check if you have a business license (you should have one). 

    This is why we don't feel that it makes sense to offer a certification with a made-up acronym. It is more of a marketing tool for training schools than anything else.

    Of course, you can! And if you are happy with Googling, by all means, do that!

    But here is the thing.. I've already done a lot of Googling, taken a lot of classes and invested a lot of time, resources and money to learn from the best. And I've put it all in a course for you. Not to mention I've also got some guest experts to teach you their best stuff!

    By taking a course like this, you are investing in yourself and your business by tapping into my (and our guest mentors') experiences and expertises.

    We are giving you our tried-and-true hacks, templates, scripts, etc., so you can get to where you want to be faster and with more profits.

    You will also join fellow like-minded stagers and get support from one another. Think of it as your very own Justice League.

    Also, it's just like homeowners who want to stage their homes themselves: the results may not be as great as hiring a pro like yourself. Or, they achieved the same results as hiring a professional stager, but they invested a lot more time, effort and learning curve to get there.

    So take my class or Google? It's all up to you.

    Both! The course dives into the key systems of a successful home staging business. 

    It is suitable if you are a new stager who wants to establish a solid foundation for your home staging business, or an experienced stager who wants to hone and refine your business system and uplevel your home staging business.

    And you don’t have to. Plenty of home stagers only do occupied homes and consultations. It’s your business; you decide your business model.

    There are many hybrid business models today. Some combine home staging work with photography, some do staging and interior styling, and some are specializing in Airbnb and flips. You can leverage your skills and choose how you want to run your business.

    In this course, I push the students to focus on their strengths and what they are passionate about, instead of following cookie-cutter formulas set by traditional home staging training schools.

    I started as only wanting to do consultations as a way to get my foot into the door to get listings as a real estate agent. Then I fell in love with doing a specific type of staging with vacant homes, and I specialized in staging those types of properties.

    It is completely up to you how you want to build your home staging business! My job here is to help you recognize your strengths and leverage that to build your own unique home staging business.

    I am not very salesy either! In fact, I am an introverted person. Which is why I prefer eating lunch alone in my room instead of mingling at conferences.

    During the course, I do push you to find your own strengths and push yourself out of the comfort zone a bit. Because the only way you will make positive changes for your business (and yourself) is to make uncomfortable choices.

    This doesn't mean using sleazy sales tactics. This means that I will strongly encourage you to get out of the ease of email marketing and go out and call and shake hands with your clients instead.

    Yes. While there are some US-specific situations (like when we are discussing the contracts), most of the concepts, scripts, templates and ideas can work in other markets. Some things, such as how to buy wholesale may differ from country to country, but the general guiding principles are similar. 

    You get immediate access to all the course content once you enroll. This means access to all the masterclasses, 7 modules of video lessons, 166+ pages of worksheets plus bonus videos. 

    Every month, we also meet for group coaching calls, where you can ask any questions you may have about running your home staging business. The call is recorded and you can submit questions ahead of time if you are not going to make it.

    Once you enroll, you have 12 months to access everything. After that, you have the options to continue your mastermind program and access. 

    It depends on you! You are in control.

    We recommend setting 3-5 hours a week to go through the lessons and work on your materials. Depending on how fast you read, go through the video content and how fast you are at completing the worksheets, it can take more or less time.

    However, implementation may take a bit longer due to the nature of the materials covered.

    There is absolutely no rush! There is also no right and wrong amount of time to complete your coursework.

    Running a successful business is a long game and a continuous practice. It takes patiences, trials and errors and persistence to get to your goals. Overnight success is extremely rare.

    But that’s why you have lifetime access to the course (and for its future updates!). You can rework the materials as your business evolves.

    Cash in the Cushions focuses on the interior styling and staging aspects. It's about honing and developing your skills as an interior stylist and stager and how you can apply those skills to staging and other creative fields.

    The Cash in the Cushions course covers design elements, principles and core composition techniques photographers use, so you understand how your work is photographed and presented. You will also work on refining your brand image in order to build a strong portfolio to attract the right clients for your business. While there are some business elements and skills mentioned in Cash in the Cushions course, 6-Figure Floor Plan is far more in-depth in the development of your home staging business.

    The 6-Figure Floor Plan focuses on developing and setting up your key systems, workflows, templates and scripts to run your home staging business. We cover marketing, legal, pricing and operation systems in a home staging business.

    We also focus on developing your strengths and encourage you to mold the business to something that is truly yours, that fits your lifestyle and your life goals. We don't teach the typical cookie-cutter business models that traditional home staging schools are teaching.

    No, due to the nature of a digital course, we do not offer refunds. 

    If you are not sure if this is the right course for you, we encourage you to read Cindy's blog post and listen to The Home Staging Show podcast. These resources will help you figure out if Cindy's teaching style is right for you. We are also more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the course. Just email us at [email protected]

    Alums of our courses get a discount as part of their alumni perks. 

    We don't offer scholarships but we offer work-trade options that you can deduct course tuition by bartering work with us. Just go to and check us out. If you don't see any open positions, reach out to us anyway, we can discuss some possibilities for you.

    As many times as you want during the 12-month duration. After that, you have opportunities to renew to stay in the group at a more advanced level.

    No, I can't.

    Unfortunately, like most things in life, except death and taxes, your results are not guaranteed.

    It's like what we tell our home staging clients:

    Staging is a proven technique to improve their listings' chances to sell faster and for more money. We, as professional stagers, can give you all the expertise and knowledge from our experiences. But ultimately, it is up to you, my dear client, to put in the elbow grease and make it happen.

    It is the same with you and your home staging business.

    Running a business is not a simple straightforward thing. It's not like you can put in X hours of effort to get Y amount of money and satisfaction back. Your result may vary based on many variables, like your level of effort, skills, business acumen, personalities, and many other environmental factors like the economy.

    This is why we cannot guarantee you any level of success, income, nor can we be responsible for your success and failure. 

    Our students work very hard, put in the hours and effort in order to get the results you are reading about on this page. Running a home staging business is not a get rich quick scheme.

    To be successful and build the vibrant and thriving home staging business you want, you do have to put in the time, effort and resources for the business to grow.

    I promise I'll teach you everything I know. The rest of it? It is up to you!

    That's a really great question.

    Sure, there are new home stagers getting into the market every day. There are a lot of competitors out there.

    But the good news is that there are more potential clients than working home stagers.

    Plus, there is only one you out there. You bring unique touches and perspectives to your work that only you can execute.

    In the course, we work on discovering your strengths and leveraging them to stand out in the competitive market.

    Yes.... but not very often.

    Your best bet would be taking advantage of it during the Early Bird Enrollment period. Because the course price will only go up, not down. 

    Unlike many of our competitors that don't update their courses often, we continuously make updates, add content and work on improving of our students' experiences, which means increasing the prices as we deem necessary.

    We also don't recommend waiting, because the earlier you start implementing all the good stuff you learn in 6-Figure Floor Plan, the earlier you will get to your goals. You can keep waiting for the price to drop to save a couple hundred dollars, but you may lose out on important opportunities to pivot your business.


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