30-Day Home Staging Challenge Course Preview

Day 1: Home Staging 101


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Today's Resources & Actions Steps


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Today's Action Steps

For today’s action steps, we will focus on finding the right buyers (their demographics, who they are, what they are thinking, why they are buying, etc.). If you don’t know who your potential buyers are, you won’t know how to plan your staging accordingly to target the potential buyers.

  • Listen to Lisa’ podcast episode on buyers
  • Research the active listings in your neighborhood right now. You can go to open houses this weekend in person or visit the listing websites online and check out homes that are in competition with yours. Observe:
    • How are these homes staged?
    • How is the staging?
    • What do you like or don’t like about the staging?
    • Are the homes updated?
    • What are some of the advantages your home has over these homes?
    • What are some of the disadvantages your home has comparing to these homes?
    • If you are at the open house, who are the buyers that are touring these houses?
    • Are you getting some ideas for staging your house? Write them down.
  • Write your Buyer Profile: Take a sheet a paper and start writing down who you think your buyers are. Just brainstorm. It's make believe. But the whole process will help you start thinking about who these potential buyers are and how you can stage your house to appeal to their ideal lifestyles. Imagine yourself at closing, the buyers are coming to meet you to get the keys,
    • Who are your buyers?
    • What are his or hers or their names?
    • How are they dressed?
    • What kind of transportation did they take to get to the office? If they drove, what kind of car did they drive?
    • What do they do for fun?
    • Why are they buying your house?
    • What do they do for work?
    • What are their favorite TV shows, restaurants, shops?
    • What magazines do they read?
    • What are their favorite shops?
    • How will your home improve their lives?

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